Digital Health: Patients Know Best Used to Train Pharmacy Students

This is an interesting example of how to introduce health students to the application of technology within every day working practice. Embedding an appreciation of patient engagement alongside recognising the importance of using virtual healthcare will help to equip healthcare students with the skills required for 21st century healthcare.

Patients Know Best Blog

UK publication Digital Health today covered our work with Aston University Medical School. PKB will be introduced to Aston’s second year pharmacy students by October 2016.

Fiona Lacey, senior teaching fellow at Aston’s pharmacy practice group, said that online patient care would be increasingly important part of future care.

“This is such an opportunity to get all of our students aware of it, using it and actually learning how to communicate online. The students will get the chance to interact with virtual patients through PKB, and reflect on their response.”

Read the original story here.

The original article found on Digital Health is below

Patients Know Best use to train pharmacy students

Image: Patients Know Best is now being used to train pharmacy students at Aston University

Aston University will be teaching its pharmacy students how to use a patient controlled online medical records system.

The UK-based med tech firm, Patients…

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