Look at the ‘Conversation’ website

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered directly to the public.

the conversation combines a team of professional editors working with university and research institute experts in order to spread and promote interesting research findings, articles and information which the wider public may not have come into contact with.

The ‘Conversation has high ideals, claiming that “Access to independent, high quality, authenticated, explanatory journalism underpins a functioning democracy. Our aim is to allow for better understanding of current affairs and complex issues. And hopefully allow for a better quality of public discourse and conversations”.

The Conversation UK is owned by The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited and is a not for profit educational entity.

See link below to article ‘The ‘left-behind’ once had a real voice: the globalisation protesters of the 1990s’  linked to the current backlash against corporate-led globalisation. The article details a time when anti-neoliberal protesters, banded together against a similar foe.

Andy Price explains why there’s never been a better time to revive the radical spirit of the 1990s.




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