Man City lead boom in women’s football: City are at the vanguard of a revolution

Man City are paving the way for the development of new attitudes towards women and women’s football.  It has been noted that Man City are the only club to offer parity (in access to support and facilities if not wages!!) between the men’s and the women’s team. Now that may sound crazy in this day and age but for anyone who follows football in the UK, they will know that the Football Association (FA) has stymied the women’s game. In fact, of course, many of the clubs have played their part in this situation. But I digress!!

In 2016, City broke Women’s Super League (WSL) attendance records to average 2,249 and twice attracted home crowds of more than 4,000. The first UK women’s club to stream games live on Facebook, they have had unique views from 450,000 to 830,000 for their matches. The trick has been to reach out to fans of all ages and persuasion, keep ticket prices low, support the team via media outlets and build the women their own playing stadium. The stadium, by the way, is a lovely, warm and welcoming place to watch football and offers fans that family feeling which is increasingly being lost from the men’s game.

As Jonathan Northcroft writing in theNovember 27 2016, issue of The Sunday Times says “What makes the numbers more impressive is that 2016 did not involve England at a World Cup or European Championship. Historically, English women’s club football has relied on the “tournament bounce” to boost appeal. City have broken that dependency”.

Man City women are current title holders of the Premier league and FA Cup and have just signed the former FIFA World Player of the Year Carli Lloyd. Let’s hope this great signing helps City win the Champions League too.
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