While Man City women lead the way Man Utd don’t even have a team!

So, whilst Man City women’s team have been rebranded and thankfully all signs of calling us ‘Ladies’ has disappeared!!! On which point I must stray from my main story to note that Man City are one of only 3 teams in the Women’s Super League (FA WSL 1) to refer to themselves as WOMEN not LADIES!!  The other 2 teams being Reading and Bristol.

Anyway, my point is why don’t united have a women’s team??  They don’t even have any plans to form a team!! One of the largest clubs in the world and they continue to refuse to introduce a women’s team.They have long come under fire for not fielding a side in the Women’s Super League.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3640257/Manchester-United-NOT-introduce-women-s-team-despite-criticism-failure-inclusive.html#ixzz4YpiGh9Da

Truth be told as a huge Man City fan I don’t care that the team from Trafford don’t have a women’s team but maybe the fans of united should care??!!



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