Poachers intercept tagging signals to hunt down endangered animals

See the link to Times article which reports that tagging endangered animals with GPS or radio transmitters which are used to gain insights into animal behaviour and migration patterns are actually putting animals lives in danger!! Apparently, many of the conservationists and researchers security standards are not always adequate.


As a researcher myself but more importantly as an environmentalist I found this article heartbreaking. It seems abuses of tagging are not normally recorded in the scientific literature but do appear in reports in local media, blogs and websites.

If you find cases of this online or elsewhere please report it to the organisation concerned. Make a fuss, tweet about it, post it on facebook, tell your friends. I would be grateful if anyone who does find out about cases like this gets in touch with me @johobbs2 so that I can start to collate these incidences and put pressure on researchers and manufacturers come together to make their systems more secure.


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