So do you still support zoos?Cumbrian zoo facing calls to close after nearly 500 animals die in less than four years!!

A report from The Telegraph details why aCumbrian zoo had its license revoked yesterday. Incidents at the zoo between December 2013 and September 2016 include a jaguar that chewed off its own paw, seven healthy lion cubs and five baboons that were “euthanised” because there was no room for them, a rhino that was crushed to death by its partner, and a giraffe that was shot after collapsing.

Maddie Taylor, campaigns officer at the Captive Animal Protection Society, said: “The findings at South Lakes Safari Zoo are some of the worst we have ever come across in 60 years.

“Our visit to the zoo combined with the zoo inspectors’ reports shows high death rates of animals, animals in ill health and a lack of understanding about how to meet even the most basic needs of the animals under their care.

Given the above report surely we need to rethink taking our kids to the zoo!!

Isn’t it time to end the practice of zoos!! Many people think visiting a zoo is a good day out for the kids! However, while zoos are trumpeted for their conservation and educational role rarely do people consider that these places keep animals cooped up in alien environments!! Surely as a species, the human race can move beyond thinking of ourselves as the pinnacle of animal evolution!! If we can we not move beyond this outdated and frankly objectionable way of seeing ourseleves in relation to the rest of animal knid we risk wiping out huge numbers of animal species.


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